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South Africa- Zuma unleashed
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South Africa: Zuma unleashed

President Jacob Zuma is gambling with his country’s future and economic viability for his own political survival. He may just get away with it, to South Africa’s detriment.

Capital Markets in East Africa- Developing the Buy Side
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Capital markets in east Africa: Developing the buy side

A well-functioning buy side reduces an economy’s reliance on foreign portfolio investors, increasing resilience to shocks and providing pools of capital for development-minded investment.

Cameroon internet
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Tech and politics collide in Cameroon’s internet blackout

Cameroon’s government shutdown the internet to stymie protests. It seems to have backfired, sparking further activism and galvanising international attention.

China steps up media charm offensive across Africa
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China steps up media charm offensive across Africa

Improving soft power through the media is a focus for Beijing. In Africa, China’s media presence is growing in line with deepening economic and political ties.

Africa’s dinosaur dictators- Heading for extinction in 2017?
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Africa’s dinosaur dictators: Heading for extinction in 2017?

Economic crisis is sparking demand for change in oil-producing countries in central Africa. New governments are likely to review oil and gas contracts, while companies will face heightened security risks.

A rising Fed and Africa- Trends to watch
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A rising Fed and Africa: Trends to watch

In mid-December, the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates for just the second time in over a decade, with additional hikes likely through 2017. Expect ripple effects through bonds, equities and trade for Africa.

Libyan oil- A bittersweet return?
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Libyan oil: A bittersweet return?

Frantic deal making now looks to have brought about the surprise return to force of Libya in the oil export market. Will it work against Opec’s efforts to forge deals to cut global production?

What will the US election mean for Africa? teaser
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What will the US election mean for Africa?

There is certainly more scope for drastic – and perhaps destructive – change under a Trump presidency, but on US-Africa policy the differences between the candidates are probably smaller than they appear.

Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari teaser
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Brexit and Africa: Into uncharted territory

 As the UK prepares to leave the EU, widespread speculation continues as to what the ripple effects will be globally - and for African economies.

With support from DFID, Mercy Corps is working with communities and private sector actors in Nigeria to promote stability and increase access to economic opportunity © Corinna Robbins for Mercy Corps
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After Brexit: Shockwaves beyond UK shores

Economic shocks to the UK will likely hit aid and remittance flows to Africa, while a more inward-looking UK may no longer lead on development and humanitarian issues.

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