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Transforming Africa's Value Chains

After decades of underinvestment and policy neglect, agricultural development in emerging economies has quickly risen up the priority list for global development. In the wake of the 2008 food price crisis the international development community, governments and businesses are looking to developing regions - particularly Africa - to play a key role in ensuring global food security.

Yet the sector continues to suffer from underdevelopment, with the vast majority of agricultural output in regions such as Africa in the hands of smallholder farmers. Harnessing their productive potential is key, yet most struggle to meet their own food demand, talkless of producing for national, regional and global markets.

With in depth coverage, analysis and perspectives from leading thinkers, This Is Africa takes a close look at the state of agriculture in developing regions and how value chains can be transformed to put the smallholder farmers at the heart of development.

Unlocking Africa's Agricultural Potential is a communications initiative from This is Africa undertaken with the support of The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation, CTA. Coverage starts from the "Making The Connection" conference in Addis Ababa in early November.

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Agribusiness development in Africa
CTA - Chapter 1
CTA - chapter 2
CTA - Chapter 3
Chapter 1: The importance of agriculture Chapter 2: Smallholder farmers Chapter 3: Making the connection

Value chains for transforming smallholder agriculture

In the wake of the 2008 food crisis Africa looks set to play a central role in global food security in the 21st century.

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Four Lessons to Help Link Small Farmers to Agricultural Value Chains

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In association with

European Union

Special Report> Agriculture: Smallholder value chains

AGRICULTURE Smallholder value chains

English version


French version

Download the special report: 

Smallholder value chains

Content includes:

Commercialising smallholder production
Enabling environment is key to growth
Andris Piebalgs, Michael Hailu,Ram Bhavani and Khalid Bomba

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