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E-health shakes up Africa’s healthcare systems - Getty
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E-health shakes up Africa’s healthcare systems

Innovative online and mobile solutions aim to change the face of healthcare across Africa. However, challenges remain as they look to scale up.

Startups tackle urban Africa's traffic nightmares teaser
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Startups tackle urban Africa's traffic nightmares

Innovative companies are looking to take on traffic congestion, safety, and emissions problems in Africa’s rapidly urbanising cities through mobile technology.

A woman herds her goats at Metheuwan, Kanamkemer location at the outskirts of Lodwar town teaser
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Oil fuels illegal land rush in Kenya’s north

Since the discovery of oil in Turkana county in 2012, the value of land has skyrocketed and land cartels have descended in numbers.

Farming’s bottleneck: Youth credit - Getty
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Farming’s bottleneck: Youth credit

Only 3 percent of funds loaned by African banks go to agriculture, and even less is available to youth or small-scale farmers. This needs to change.

Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari teaser
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Brexit and Africa: Into uncharted territory

 As the UK prepares to leave the EU, widespread speculation continues as to what the ripple effects will be globally - and for African economies.

In Malawi, trafficking targeting albinos surges teaser
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In Malawi, trafficking targeting albinos surges

The explosion of trafficking in the body parts of Albino people in Malawi is based on local beliefs that they possess magical powers that bring good luck, wealth or boost business.

Africa’s middle class: Anemic growth? Getty
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Africa’s middle class: Anaemic growth?

Businesses are quick to talk about targeting Africa’s ‘growing’ middle class, but new estimates claim this segment only increased by 400,000 individuals despite a decade of high growth. 

African Union ePassport opens door to closer integration - Getty
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African Union passport opens door to closer integration

While some in the West toy with isolationism, the African Union has launched an electronic passport to allow free movement among all 54 markets in the region.

With support from DFID, Mercy Corps is working with communities and private sector actors in Nigeria to promote stability and increase access to economic opportunity © Corinna Robbins for Mercy Corps
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After Brexit: Shockwaves beyond UK shores

Economic shocks to the UK will likely hit aid and remittance flows to Africa, while a more inward-looking UK may no longer lead on development and humanitarian issues.

Algeria looks to reshape growth model amid oil price plunge teaser
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Algeria looks to reshape growth model amid oil price plunge

Algeria's new growth model aims to reshape the country's oil-dependent economy and cut subsidies. But measures may be too little, too late.

Consolidating Africa's banks

Arnold Ekpe talks to This is Africa about the logic of consolidating banks in many of the region's markets.

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