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Disputed Somaliland’s oil laws heighten stakes in volatile region

The self-declared state of Somaliland has ambitious plans to regulate its nascent oil sector. However, it is a step that could heighten tensions throughout the Somali-speaking region.

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Bridging the microfinance gap for smallholder farmers

Research shows that growth in agriculture is 11 times more effective than other sectors at reducing poverty in Africa. So why isn’t microfinance reaching smallholders?

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Why Africa’s degraded soils will cost the continent dearly

Land degradation is costing Africa billions and holding back the agriculture sector. Donors and governments need to invest in land restoration.

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Discovering potential in Tanzanian natural gas

Tanzania’s natural gas discoveries have great potential - but the government needs to provide a regulatory framework that reassures investors.

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The golden year: Solutions for Africa’s youth unemployment

Apprenticeships can provide the key to closing the skills gap that leaves so many of Africa’s youth unprepared for the modern workplace.

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For inclusive rural development, farms come first

Africa’s future must include a vibrant and productive rural economy in order to be inclusive. That begins on the farm.

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Tunisia’s economy slow to change, even as election shifts politics

Election results show that politically Tunisia has moved on since the revolution, but economically much of the old regime's system remains in place.

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Mobile money fails the test for emergency relief in DRC

A new study shows that mobile money is not the best option for delivering cash for emergency relief, outperformed by e-vouchers.

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Local perceptions at odds with disaster narrative on Ebola

New data from west Africa suggests locals are relatively satisfied with the international response to the Ebola epidemic.

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Nigeria: Currency instability could raise election stakes

Nigeria’s embattled currency, the naira, has continued to slide on the back of low oil prices, closing at record intra-day lows against the dollar, even as the central bank intervenes.

Global Goals will fail without climate pact

Professor Sir Gordon Conway talks to This Is Africa about why a binding climate agreement at COP21 in December will be essential to fulfilling the new UN-led Sustainable Development Goals.

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