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Ebola phase III
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Accelerated trials roll out Ebola vaccine candidates in west Africa

Vaccines against Ebola are being rolled out at an unprecedented rate in response to the epidemic in west Africa - but with the rate of infection already falling, is it too little, too late?

Ebloa resonse teaser
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Local perceptions at odds with disaster narrative on Ebola

New data from west Africa suggests locals are relatively satisfied with the international response to the Ebola epidemic.

UNDP ebola small
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Ebola response cannot be gender blind

Women stand to be disproportionately affected by the Ebola oubreak in West Africa. Gender needs to be a bigger part of the response.

Ebola: predictions, planning and panic
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Ebola: predictions, planning and panic

The truth is we don’t know how many people will get Ebola..The old saying is true: prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

West African Countries Hold Meeting.
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Perception risks from Ebola may hurt Africa’s economies

Could alarmist narratives about the Ebola epidemic damaging the region’s economies more than the disease itself?

Locals carry bags and food.
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Ebola: from health crisis to food crisis?

As the Ebola outbreak continues to spread across western Africa, the worst affected countries could soon face food shortages as prices rise and imports slow.

A health care workers.
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African solidarity - not protectionism - needed in response to Ebola

 It is not too late for a swift and coordinated Africa-wide Ebola response.

 Battling Spreading Ebola Epidemic.
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Getting a grip on the Ebola Crisis

The urgent priority is to break the cycle of transmission of this deadly disease.

Ebola in Nigeria.
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WHO, experts debate response to Ebola spread

As Ebola spreads across west Africa, experimental treatments raise ethical questions and prospects for unexpected windfalls for obscure pharma companies.

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