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India-Africa relations: Out to sea - Getty
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India-Africa relations: Out to sea

India is seeking to strengthen ties with African countries. Coastal commerce and balancing China in the Indian Ocean are key interests.

Corruption threatens to derail Africa’s defences - Getty
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Corruption threatens to derail Africa’s defences

African states seeking to revamp their security forces must confront defence corruption risks. 

Zimbabwe’s currency quandaries - Getty
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Zimbabwe’s currency quandaries

Zimbabwe’s 12 currency system has stabilised the economy, but increasingly it looks like a double-edged sword.

Nigeria’s liquidity crunch deepens - Getty
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Hard choices as Nigeria’s liquidity crunch deepens

There may be a silver lining to Nigeria’s fiscal woes. With yield-chasing “hot money” leaving the country, Nigeria should make room for patient investors with long-term commitment.

Africa’s tech movement gets political
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Africa’s tech movement gets political

Africa’s tech scene and improving ICT infrastructure are connecting citizens and producing a new IT business constituency. These forces are altering the political landscape.

Rwanda gains
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Rwanda leads on child, maternal mortality gains

As the legacy of the Millennium Development Goals framework is debated, health outcome targets show steady improvement across Africa between 1990 and 2013.

Knowledge isn't power
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Africa’s knowledge economy dreams still distant

Many African governments are betting they can compete with the world’s knowledge economies. So far it is not taking off.

The Tripartite Free Trade Area
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Free trade zone tops regional agenda

The Tripartite Free Trade Area in Africa will be the largest in the world once implemented - but some countries stand to benefit more than others.

Kofi Annan
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Long road ahead for ambitious post-2015 agenda

As leaders prepare to enshrine the post-2015 development agenda, Kofi Annan backs the universal mandate while acknowledging implementation challenges ahead.

South African miners
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South African miners could lose HIV treatment in job cuts

As commodity prices tumble, South African miners with HIV stand to lose access to treatment should they be made redundant in recently announced job cuts.

Investing in North Africa

James King speaks to Coca Cola's Curt Ferguson for This is Africa about the company's strategy and outlook for its North African business.

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