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Banks vs startups Who leads Africas fintech innovation teaser
From Business

Banks vs startups: Who leads Africa’s fintech innovation?

Often slow to come up with new digital products, banks are eyeing Africa’s innovative fintech startups for answers. But can upstarts with an agenda to disrupt mesh well with incumbents?

Investment in Africa’s tech startups on the rise
From Business

Investment in Africa’s tech start-ups on the rise

Tech start-ups across Africa raised $129m in investor funding in 2016. Fintech led the way.

Charcoal addiction teaser

Charcoal addiction: How can Africa’s households kick the habit?

Charcoal is dangerous for health, saps incomes, and ruins the environment, yet in 80 percent of homes in Africa it remains the primary fuel source. What are the alternatives?

Startups tackle urban Africa's traffic nightmares teaser
From Business

Startups tackle urban Africa's traffic nightmares

Innovative companies are looking to take on traffic congestion, safety, and emissions problems in Africa’s rapidly urbanising cities through mobile technology.

Anti-poaching tech takes on Africa’s poaching crisis - Getty
From Analysis

Technology takes on Africa’s poaching crisis

In 2015 alone 1,175 rhinos were poached in South Africa. Conservationists and rangers across Africa are looking to innovative technologies to combat the crisis.

Africa’s animation industry gains global audience - Triggerfish
From Business

Africa’s animation industry gains global audience

Africa is home to a growing number of its own animation studios. This nascent industry is proving popular across the continent and is beginning to make global inroads.

Sharing economy - Getty
From Business

Sharing economy takes off in Africa

Global on-demand brands like Airbnb and Uber see a goldmine of opportunity in the continent’s fast growing, tech-forward population.

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