William Mills

“I think you have to go into Africa with the idea that it’s core to your business. If it’s not core to your business – if it’s just an opportunistic move – I would question that strategy”

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The rise of the so called Brics group of major emerging markets is fundamentally reshaping the complexion of global economic and political power. Nowhere has the impact of this been more visible than Africa, a trend that could have profound implications for the continent

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As food prices remain at all time highs, the link between phosphate rock production and global food security may play an important role in avoiding future food crises

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Morgan Tsvangirai

“There is a regional consensus that the crisis cannot be allowed to affect regional development”

Ali Moshiri

“Africa probably has more resources than any place you can imagine”

Lamido Sanusi

“There can never be soft touch regulation. But it has to be regulation that is not arbitrary. The direction needs to be clear”

Luc Duval

“Africa has lots of potential – raw materials and young people – but it needs FDI”

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