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African innovation can produce solutions with global application. Africa is not so disconnected from the world that it must be viewed in a vacuum. Its solutions can be universal and, as Microsoft’s Cheick Diarra says, Africa can be an incubator for innovation”

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The assassination of President Joao Bernardo Vieira has prompted fears of a coup in the West African country.

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By Ruchita Beri

When the curtains came down on the India-Africa business partnership summit held recently in New Delhi, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air that was quite difficult to miss.

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Morgan Tsvangirai

“There is a regional consensus that the crisis cannot be allowed to affect regional development”

Ali Moshiri

“Africa probably has more resources than any place you can imagine”

Lamido Sanusi

“There can never be soft touch regulation. But it has to be regulation that is not arbitrary. The direction needs to be clear”

Luc Duval

“Africa has lots of potential – raw materials and young people – but it needs FDI”

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