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Off grid power key to bridging Africa’s energy gap

Off grid power key to bridging Africa’s energy gap

Off grid solar and mini-grid power generation are going to be critical in meeting the energy needs of the 650 million Africans without access, new research shows.

Cameroon internet
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Tech and politics collide in Cameroon’s internet blackout

Cameroon’s government shutdown the internet to stymie protests. It seems to have backfired, sparking further activism and galvanising international attention.

A rising Fed and Africa- Trends to watch
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A rising Fed and Africa: Trends to watch

In mid-December, the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates for just the second time in over a decade, with additional hikes likely through 2017. Expect ripple effects through bonds, equities and trade for Africa.

Africa’s spending to top $5.6tn by 2025- McKinsey
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Africa’s spending to top $5.6tn by 2025: McKinsey

The management consulting firm also forecasts the continent will become the world’s second-fastest growing region after Asia over the next five years.

Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari teaser
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Brexit and Africa: Into uncharted territory

 As the UK prepares to leave the EU, widespread speculation continues as to what the ripple effects will be globally - and for African economies.

E-finance in Nigeria: Slow to grow - Getty
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E-finance in Nigeria: Slow to grow

In Nigeria, digital finance has huge commercial potential but has not taken off compared to neighbours like Kenya. Why the hold up?

Netflix in Africa
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Netflix in Africa: Not dominant yet

The arrival of internet TV service Netflix in Africa has been greeted sanguinely by local competitors. That could change as the company adapts.

Africa’s tech movement gets political
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Africa’s tech movement gets political

Africa’s tech scene and improving ICT infrastructure are connecting citizens and producing a new IT business constituency. These forces are altering the political landscape.

Bringing the diaspora back
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Bringing the diaspora back to public service

For Africa’s economies to flourish, best and brightest must go to government. A Cameroonian activist, Kah Wallah, is leading by example.

Made In Africa?

Ethiopia aims to become a global manufacturing hub. Could the country’s successes be a model for the next phase of Africa’s economic evolution?

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