Gambling in South Africa

Everything that you are supposed to know about Gambling in South Africa

Gambling in South Africa

Looking at the South Africa gambling market, we get to know that the casino takes the most aspect after that is the sports betting. This happens to be the findings released by the PwC’s in their fifth annual edition of the outlook of the gaming industry in South Africa

The PwC has taken note of the fact that the second-largest gain of the gambling industry was just posted as at the last five years

The GGR, which happens to be the gross gambling revenue, has risen to 11.2 % in 2015, and it amounts to R26 billion. The expectation projected for 2020 is R34.8 billion which can be said to be a compound annual increase of 6%

The Gambling industry leader in South Africa, who happens to be Pietro Calicchio said this as the revenue industry continues to experience growth right from the revenue perspective, aside from this, it continues with its expansion and the investment of large amounts in the capital expenditure. Being a business, we entirely understand the fact that the margins will be low, and the major part of the costs is fixed, the compliance is stringent and how profitable it will be is all dependent on the volume

What Calicchio hints as a significant issue facing the industry is the issue of illegality in gambling. In 2016, CASA which happens to be the Casino Association of South Africa estimated the illegal gambling cost in to be R140 million, and this happens to be tax revenue lost

Casino Gambling

As earlier stated, the casino market is the largest in South Africa considering the revenue that is generated by the 38 casinos which accounts for 70% of the total revenue generated in 2015, as at 2011 it was down to 81%

The leading province was Gauteng and the revenue that was generated as at 2015 R7.4 billion which is up to 5.5% because 2014 was only at R7 billion

The western cape and the Kwa-Zulu have 5 operating casino each, and they both generate R3.4 and R2.7 respectively

Going by the forecast, projections are made that there will be a 4.2% annual interest rate, that by 2020 to R22.4 billion


This happens to be the category that is growing at a fast rate. In 2015, it was increased by 28.5%. The betting has been ignited by the legal sports betting surge that was in turn listed online wagering that’s made available

In 2015 the sports betting increased by 51.9% and is now R2.4billion. This figure happens to be the 5x of the worth in 2011, which is R478. As of 2015, the sports betting already overtook the horse racing as it turns out to be the most significant component

The broadband penetration is highly increasing, and how people are being licensed propels the sports betting. The underlying growth in bettings related to the sport can be seen in events such as Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup, and the European Championship. As at 2015 horse-racing rose to like with 8.8%, this happens to be the most significant gain for the last 5 years

Making bets is a popular activity, and it’s expected to increase to like R7.4 billion when 2020 comes

Limited Payout Machines

The limited payout machine is always located in the clubs, bars and restaurant, and these accounts for 9% increment in the GGR

There are double-digit annual rates, and it reflects the introduction of the new sites and machines

The region that has the highest LPM is the western cape, they had R710 million, as they follow Kwa-Zulu Natal which is R558 million


Only 4% of the Bingo revenue can be accounted for in 2015 as it rises from 3% as of 2014, while in 2015 it is 27.5%

The largest province in Bingo is Gauteng, as its GGR is at R591 million

National Lottery

As at the last three years, the sales of lottery ticket has declined by 6% cumulative, which is to the inclusion of the decline in 2015, which is 2.9%. This is making a reflection of the competitive growth in some other gambling aspect.