Rudolph Awakens slot


RUDOLPH AWAKENS SLOT REVIEW Properties Release date: November 2019 Number of reels: 5 Ways to win: 30 No progressive jackpot Mobile Compatibility: Yes RealTime Gaming comes again with a continuation…

T-Rex 2 Slot


 T-REX 2 SLOT REVIEW Properties Release date: September 2019 Ways to win: 25 Bet range: 0.25 – 26 Mobile Compatibility: Yes T-Rex 2 is not a standalone game just like…

The Mariachi 5


THE MARIACHI 5 SLOT REVIEW The Mariachi 5 are here to bring you cheer, happiness and music with a slice of amazing features and a whole lot of paylines Properties…

Mermaids Perls

Mermaids Perls Slot

MERMAIDS PEARLS SLOTS REVIEW Properties Release date: June 2019 Return to player percentage: 97% Number of reels: 5 Paylines: 3,125 Bet range: 0.20 to 50 No progressive jackpot Maximum jackpot:…

777 slots

777 Slots

777 Slots Review Properties Software Provider: RealTime Gaming Game category: progressive slot Number of paylines: 1 Progressive: yes Number of reels: 3 Over the years, various online slot machine offerings…


In both physical and online casinos, the games that are by far the most popular are slot games. Go to any online casino, and you will notice that slot games always fill up the game selection, and they tend to give you lots of amazing rewards. Of course, the games offered at every casino will be different. So, as a player, you will always be able to stumble on really fun and thrilling games.

Everything about Slot Games

A lot of operating casinos offer slot games as an option. We know that many players residing in South Africa will most definitely enjoy those games. Slot games will not necessitate players to master strategies or commit the games to memory. These games rely on luck, so mastering them will not change the outcome. But they will realize that some games could give them much more of an opportunity to win. At every casino, you will find three different types of slot games. You have three-reel games, slot games that are attached to progressive jackpots and video slot games. Getting more informed about the three types will enable players to make a sound choice before going to the online casino site.

Also known as three-reel slot games or classic slots, traditional slot games are the most basic form of slot games. They are similar to Vegas-style slots. When you play a three-reel slot game, you don’t have a lot of pay lines and symbols, which makes comprehension easier. If you are a beginner, then these games would be a great choice for you. This is because they are not difficult to understand. Since there are not a lot of symbols, it is much easier to get winning combinations. There is a downside, though. You will rarely find a bonus or wild rounds in the games. If you do stumble on a traditional slot with these features, then you should definitely choose to play them. This is because you will have many ways to win cash rewards with them.

The highlight of any casino would most definitely be video slots. There is a lot of thrill and action in video slots. Added to this is the fact that they have a whole lot of pay lines. You could even see video slots with 100 action lines. You also have awesome features like bonus rounds, scatters, wilds, and plenty more. Most players come to video slots because of the bonus rounds. Also, you will have second-screen bonuses or free spins in these games. There is the possibility to change the coin denomination before betting. This way, based on their budget and their needs, they could decide to increase or decrease the bet value.

The last types of slot games that you will find at online casinos are progressive slots. You can have a progressive video slot or a progressive three-reel slot. Every progressive game is linked to a network jackpot. The latter grows every time a player places a bet. These games will most often ask players to place the maximum wager. Because of this, someone new to online gaming might want to stay away from them.