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Sudan: ICC decision could provoke backlash

The International Criminal Court’s warrant for the arrest of President Bashir in Sudan is at best ineffective – and at worst counterproductive, experts say.

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Tone may triumph over policy

By Steve McDonald Any new US president, had it been John McCain or Barack Obama, would have had to begin his administration with a review and a reorientation of relations with Africa in the context of a dramatically changed world.

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Africa’s chance to shine amid global turmoil

By Alhaji Aliko Dangote The world economy has dominated media headlines for more than six months now, with continuing uncertainty as to the true size and scale of the crisis that has engulfed almost every corner of the globe.

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Core strategies to bolster developing economies

By Jeffrey Sachs Economic policy can best help to stabilise the world economy by focusing on the core features of the global crisis, rather than flailing around with patch-ups from one day to the next.

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Still a good investment case

By Graham Mackay It was nearly four years ago that, while speaking at the African Economic Summit in Cape Town, I mentioned that if there was any more of Africa we’d be investing in it and during the intervening period I have been asked on many occasions if I still stand by this statement.

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Seeing the connection

African innovation can produce solutions with global application. Africa is not so disconnected from the world that it must be viewed in a vacuum. Its solutions can be universal and, as Microsoft’s Cheick Diarra says, Africa can be an incubator for innovation”

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Ghana: Atta-Mills wins close election

Many in the international media watched Ghana’s election in December 2008 head into a run-off with grim expectations. With more than a touch of melodrama, the press had declared these to be the most important polls in recent African history, with Ghana acting as a Litmus test for the continent’s democratic future.

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Guinea: Coup interrupts Conté succession

The constitutional transition of power in Guinea, following the death of the country’s president, Lansana Conté, has been interrupted by a military coup, led by a number of junior officers calling themselves the National Council for Democracy and Development.

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Italy's G8 summit to redefine aid

By Elizabeth Donnelly Discussion about and with Africa has become a recurrent part of the agenda at G8 summits, particularly since outreach with African leaders was instigated at Okinawa in 2000. The 2009 G8 summit to be hosted by Italy in Maddalena will be no exception, with Africa and its challenges to be front and centre in discussions.

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Raising the red lantern in Africa

By Chris Alden When critics characterise China’s engagement in Africa as nothing but a scramble for resources that disguises a more nefarious agenda, Beijing rightly counters that its ties are more complex in aspiration and content.

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