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Angola’s dollar shortage deepens - Getty
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Angola’s dollar shortage deepens

Plummeting oil prices are pushing the kwanza, Angola's currency, to record lows. Black market exchanges are stepping into the breach.

DRC Real estate - Getty
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Risks ahead for DRC’s booming real estate market

Fears that President Kabila may not step down at the end of his term in 2016 are prompting investors to hold back, limiting the fast growing real estate sector.

Nigeria’s currency defence cripples SMEs - Getty
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Nigeria’s currency defence cripples SMEs

Far from supporting local manufacturing and industry - a stated government objective - the administration’s recent policies risk crippling small businesses instead.

DRC: Investor uncertainty around president’s power play - Getty
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DRC: Investor uncertainty around president’s power play

A constitutional challenge from the president and low commodity prices are combining to make investors uneasy.

Intellectual property - Getty
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Intellectual property: More to be done

The creation, management, and protection of knowledge are essential to wealth creation and integration with the global economy. Africa needs to step up.

Ease of doing business - Getty
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Uganda, Kenya lead on better ease of doing business

Uganda has shown marked improvements in its business environment following a spate of reforms. However, the region still lags globally in the rankings.

Botswana’s diamond dilemma
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Botswana’s diamond dilemma

Botswana has managed to develop on the back of its diamond mines, but evolving the industry faces challenges from low prices.

Luxury brands turn to Africa - Getty
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Luxury brands turn to Africa

Luxury retailers are looking to tap Africa’s growing pool of wealthy consumers. The sector is growing, but economic headwinds may slow the trajectory.

Zimbabwe’s currency quandaries - Getty
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Zimbabwe’s currency quandaries

Zimbabwe’s 12 currency system has stabilised the economy, but increasingly it looks like a double-edged sword.

North African solar export - Getty
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Challenges ahead for North African solar export

As North Africa’s solar investments begin to pay off, building an export industry connected to Europe faces obstacles from lack of regional integration.

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