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Turkish President Abdullah Gul.
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Turkey comes to East Africa

Turkish businesses and investors are keen on east Africa, but competition with China and opaque deals might dampen their drive.

Energy Subsidies.
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North Africa Burns Billions on Energy Subsidies

North African countries are ruining national finances by spending tens of billions every year subsidizing the cost of energy, but the threat of political instability across the region means that curing the problem may be worse than enduring the disease.

oil pipeline head.
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Succeeding where the oil multinationals couldn’t

The success of Nigerian exploration and production company Seplat's $1.9bn IPO indicates that smaller, indigenous companies may be better equipped than the majors to deal with the particular challenges that onshore oil operations in the volatile Niger Delta present.

President Robert Mugabe.
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Zimbabwe backtracks on indigenisation as ZANU-PF succession battles heat up

While the news that wholesale enforcement of laws requiring 51 percent indigenous ownership of foreign assets will not be happening immediately might allow businesses operating in Zimbabwe to breath a sigh of relief, there is no indication that the shift will be a permanent one as ruling party factions fight for the country’s political future.

Tony Blair.
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How Muslims and Christians are working together to prevent malaria in Sierra Leone

In just three years, more than 2 million people have been reached with potentially life-saving information about preventing malaria, delivered by religious volunteers

 Kenya’s emerging.
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Rewriting the rules for Kenya’s emerging energy economy

Across Kenya, drilling activity and investment in oil and gas discoveries is on the rise, and the regulatory landscape is also taking shape - but is it up to the task?

The poorest rich country.
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The poorest rich country around

Nigeria’s rebased GDP, making it the biggest economy in Africa, is a better number - but not necessarily a perfect one.

Rwanda is now viable.
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20 years on: Rwanda is now viable

As we commemorate 20 years since the genocide, Rwanda can count the fact it has become a viable business proposition to investors as one of its major achievements, the COO of the country’s development board argues.

newspaper article.
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Rwandan media struggles to overcome toxic genocide legacy

Ambiguous laws against genocide ideology and divisionism – originally crafted to protect against the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that so bitterly divided Rwandans in 1994 – also provides broad grounds for the persecution of journalists.

Paul Kagame.
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Genocide casts long shadow over Rwandan renaissance

President Paul Kagame has been vigorous in marketing Rwanda as the ‘Singapore of Africa’ – an allusion to the ability of an authoritarian political system to facilitate rapid economic growth even as latent tensions are suppressed.

Interview with Lord Michael Hastings

Lord Michael Hastings sits down with This Is Africa to talk about the Millennium Villages projects he has helped to spearhead across Africa.

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