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Italy in Libya teaser
From Policy

Italy expands its footprint in Libya

The Italian navy is deploying ships to stop migrant boats off Libya in the latest expansion of government policy aimed at curbing migration. However, energy interests are also at stake.

Egypt begins sell-off of state-owned companies
From Business

Egypt begins sell-off of state-owned companies

Egypt begins to privatise state companies as part of a secretive IMF austerity plan, starting with shares in the state oil company.

Morocco- The kingdom comes in from the cold
From Policy

Morocco: The kingdom comes in from the cold

With its re-accession to the African Union, Morocco hopes to address the deep structural troubles veiled by its image as a reliable partner to the West.

In Egypt, IMF money flows as austerity bites
From Policy

In Egypt, IMF money to flow as austerity bites

Egypt has closed a crucial loan deal with the IMF, but critics worry the money will be frittered away on loan repayments while the population suffers through austerity.

Egypt’s fig leaf elections - Getty
From Business

Egypt’s fig leaf elections keep business elite on side

Egypt’s flawed elections will placate international scrutiny while giving the domestic business elite enough of a say to mollify them as the military consolidates power.

Nail in coffin of Egyptian tourism
From Business

Another nail in the coffin of Egypt tourism

Egypt's ministry of tourism is in crisis after the Egyptian army mistakenly killed 12 in a tour group. The attack will not help the ailing sector.

Tunisia election small
From Analysis

Tunisia’s economy slow to change, even as election shifts politics

Election results show that politically Tunisia has moved on since the revolution, but economically much of the old regime's system remains in place.

Noor 1 solar power project in Morocco
From Policy

Rising Sun: Europe lobbies for investment in Saharan solar power

Big solar energy projects are back on the agenda in North Africa. Previous attempts have fallen through - will this time be different?


Premium ContentEgypt to swap debt for more debt to keep energy companies on side

Egypt has accrued large debts to international oil and gas companies - and now plans to pay them off by borrowing even more.

gas treatment plant.
From Business

Algeria to invest in energy exports, capitalise on EU-Russia rift

Algeria hopes to rival Russia as Europe's energy supplier of choice, with massive state investment in both hydrocarbons and renewable energy.

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